Performance Pet Practices

The first ingredient in pet food is passion, and you’ll see it in everything we do.

Customers First

You not only get complete customer service, you get our president’s phone number.


We can track every source for every ingredient in every can. And we start with only the best.

Innovation & Formulation

Your idea gets custom-crafted into nutrient-rich pet food—it’s never an out-of-the-box formula.


We turn your dream into a product on the shelf, no matter how unique your request.

This isn't a dream.

This is where you bring your ideas. Where you come to do what hasn’t been done. Why? We’re the innovators and formulators who turn your desire for a leaner or tastier or healthier or otherwise better pet food into an actual product on the shelves. We’re the team who stays on top of your process, expertly handling inventory management, forecasting and any question that comes our way. We custom-make every product for every customer, and we turn pure proteins and muscle-meat into what you imagine pet food to be. We’re the only canner to do this because we believe:

This is how you make pet food.

Give us a whistle.

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